32ND SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (Remembrance Sunday) 7th/8th Nov

Fr. Andrew writes:

There has been much talk in recent weeks about privacy and surveillance.  Every week there seems to be some new breach of security or hacking.   Various intelligence organisations have apparently been monitoring our phone calls for years.  This raises important and challenging questions.  How secure is all that information?  How much is it encrypted?  Is there no privacy anymore?

‘O where can I go from your spirit, or where can I flee from your face?’ I am not talking about portable electronic communication devices, such as the IPhone!   Although they do seem to be everywhere, often with people’s heads buried in them.  Neither am I referring to the influence of Google or Facebook.  No, I am talking about God.  He sees everything whether we like it or not!  [Lord] ‘you examine me and know me, you know if I am standing or sitting, you read my thoughts from far away, whether I walk or lie down, you are watching, you know every detail of my conduct.’   Those sobering few lines are from Psalm 139.  Fortunately the one surveying us is the source of all love, God himself.  He loves us with eternal love but that doesn’t mean he approves of everything we do.  In these weeks before Advent it is worth considering, how do I use my time?   Do I use it well?  Do I pray?  Do I help others?  Do I share and witness to my faith?  ‘The life and death of each of us has its influence on others.’ St Paul says in the letter to the Romans (Rom 14: 7-12). That is quite something, we leave a legacy behind us when we die.  What sort of legacy do you want to leave behind?  What would you want to see written in your own obituary?  And we will all have to give an account of our life before God when we die.  The great thing is that we’re not alone, God wants to help us in this.   All we have to do is ask for his help through prayer.  The sacraments can aid us too in this, especially the Mass and regular Confession.  That prayer line to heaven is always open and is always confidential.  So try it today! 

Posted on November 6, 2015 .