19th July 2015 - 16th Sunday of the Year


A picture of Pluto was transmitted back to the earth last Tuesday, not the Disney dog character but the dwarf planet!  It is extraordinary how something so far away can be seen so clearly in a photograph.  This is testament to the ingenuity of the great minds involved in space technology and research and long may it last.  Much about Pluto is still unknown but soon there will be more information about it. 

As with any space mission there was uncertainty.  Would the New Horizons space probe be able to get near the planet?  At one stage there was a danger that it might be taken off course by a piece of space dust but amazingly it managed.  This got me thinking about life, which is frequently full of uncertainties, unanswered questions and the sense of the unknown especially about the future.  And yet occasionally there are glimpses of the ‘bigger picture.’  From my experience there are always signs of hope, such as an unexpected word of encouragement or support, an act of kindness, a smile or the joy of a baby or the wonder of a child.  Here we can glimpse something of the divine.  It is through the eyes of faith that the world and life in general can be seen in another way.  As St Paul says,  ‘because we look not the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen; for the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal (RSV: 2 Cor 4: 18) This is the Good News that is being transmitted from God to us. God is there and he wants to help us. ‘We’re on mission from God’ as the Blues Brothers in their film said.   How will we respond to God as we navigate and travel on our mission to Him? 

PS: Safe journeys to all of you who are travelling over the summer.  Don’t forget to go to Mass on Sunday!

PPS: Please see the newsletter and the item on ‘Proposed Bill to legalise suicide’ and write to your MP.

Posted on July 17, 2015 .