Whenever we read, or listen to, a piece of scripture hopefully it will speak to us in a unique and personal way. Sometimes we will be encouraged, at other times challenged and on other occasions enlightened. Such is what we call ‘the power of the Word’ that at different times in our lives we will receive different messages, but always something that will help us live our life of faith in some way.

 In today’s second reading St Paul describes how the human body teaches us something about how the Church is constructed, and how it is united in Christ. St Paul, in his writing, has a very clear and direct style, one that, generally, is easy to understand. Today’s example is very practical, it makes the simple but important point that for the body to work well, for an individual to be well and healthy, all the parts need to function as they should, to do what they are intended to do.

 The analogy that Paul gives is a good one for the Church, and in particular for the parish. For a parish to run well, to carry out the task of living and preaching the Gospel a number of things need to be in place. Parish life depends on priests and people working together, each has their own responsibilities, each has their task to play to make their essential contribution.

 In our parish we are very fortunate to have many people involved in a whole variety of activities, and who give of their time very generously. First and foremost there are those who, in different ways, help us to pray and worship each time we celebrate the Eucharist, not only those who sing, serve, read and assist with Holy Communion, but those who clean and decorate the church. Handing on the faith is so important too, and the Catechists in the various programmes share their faith, and lead others, young and old, to a greater understanding of aspects of our faith. Our faith is not just a personal journey between ourselves and God, but we encounter others on the way, awareness of others is a part of living our faith, and it’s good that we can have the Night Shelter, particularly at this very cold time, and give support to Foodbank.

 All of these activities and many more, help to ensure that we are truly the Body of Christ here in W4. The activities we have are not a closed shop, there’s always room for others, if you like there is a job for everyone! To see what goes on in our parish you can visit the parish website (see above). If you are not already involved do think about what you can do. What can you contribute to making the Body of Christ more alive, more affective, here in our parish?

Posted on January 22, 2016 .