It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be talking about going on holiday and, at the same time, expressing the hope that we will actually get some real summer weather, especially for those holidaying in this country.

Many of the schools will have closed for the summer by next Friday, so we will be witnessing the great exodus from the parish! But as the schools close it is an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to all those who work in our schools, and play their part in the education of our children. In particular it’s appropriate to thank the staff of St Mary’s School for all that they do so willingly, and generously. This summer sees the departure of the Headteacher, Mr Kevin Oakley. It’s a matter of some disappointment that he is leaving us after just two years, but we understand that he is moving to take on new, and bigger responsibilities, and nearer home. We are nonetheless very grateful to Mr Oakley for all he has done for the good of our school in this short time, and we wish him well in his new appointment.

Of course at this time too many of our children will be leaving their primary schools, and others their secondary schools, while many are awaiting the results of public examinations. These are significant steps in the lives of our young people, we wish them well in their new beginnings, and we keep them in our prayers.

Throughout our lives, in general, there are many beginnings and endings, many opportunities to start again. Moving to a new house can be an exciting new start, just as beginning a new job may bring new opportunities, and new challenges as well. And in our life of faith too we will also experience both beginnings and endings.

Our faith is often described as a ‘journey,’ When we go on a long journey, perhaps to unfamiliar places, we may sometimes take a wrong turning, because we have not followed the directions closely enough. We have the directions, in the Gospels, as to how we should live our faith, sometimes we will follow them closely, at other times perhaps less so.

We can though start again, and we do that when we build into our lives time to reflect, time to stop and think about how we live – how we live as people of faith. As we approach, hopefully, some time of rest and quiet, we might consider how far we live as people of faith, how faithfully do I follow the teaching of the Gospel, and how do I begin again to be even more faithful?

Posted on July 8, 2016 .