Lent provides the opportunity to go deeper with the Lord to enter into the mystery. It is a chance for new beginnings.  This Sunday some of our Journey in Faith group will be travelling up to Westminster Cathedral for a ceremony called the Rite of Election, this is where they and many others in groups all around the diocese will make promises to follow the faith more closely.  For many of the group it is not so much a sense of choosing to do this, although of course it is their decision, rather a deeper sense of responding to a call from God.  ‘You did not choose me, no I chose you’ Jesus says in St John’s Gospel. 

 The candidates and catechumens at the cathedral will be asked “Do you wish to enter fully into the life of the Church through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist?” They respond “We do.”  Those who have already received the sacraments will be entering that process of on-going conversion to receive the other sacraments.   Indeed on-going conversion is a process open to all.  One cannot be a Christian and sit still!  There has to be a sense of movement.  ‘Christianity is not a monument or a museum.  It’s a movement.  It’s got to move’ as one writer put it in a book about parish life called ‘Rebuilt’, (p. 68).  This time of Lent provides the opportunity for each person for this on-going conversion in their walk with the Lord to take place.  How do you and I respond to that opportunity of meeting the Lord in the sacraments, especially the Mass? There is always something new to discover there but there needs to be an openness to this great mystery. We are all trying to move in the same direction.  It is not easy or simple but it is possible with God’s help. The mystery we enter into, particularly the Mass, is ‘ancient but ever new’ as    St Augustine once said.   What an opportunity to embrace fully!

Posted on March 3, 2017 .