It isn’t just the government which is in something of a state of flux, but also the diocese, as now is when, if priests are due a move, the new appointments for September are announced. It was already slightly unusual that our parish should have been graced with Fr Andrew for a third year, when the normal appointment of the Assistant Priest is for two, and this I’m sure was due to my own appointment here last summer. Fr Andrew has indeed been invaluable in assisting me with his immediate knowledge of so much of the parish so that I could take up ministry more smoothly. This is one of the many reasons I have to be grateful to him. He has been appointed from September to be the Assistant Priest of the City of London, at St Mary Moorfield’s Church near Liverpool Street Station, which is the parish of the City of London. He will have a dual role also of assisting the chaplaincy provision of St Bart’s Hospital and its counterparts within Barts’ Trust NHS, the largest NHS trust in the country. So it’s not so much that ‘the harvest is great’ to recall the Lord’s phrase, but that the harvest is immense. We will have an opportunity to thank Fr Andrew for his ministry among us at a later date. Thankfully, also, His Eminence Cardinal Vincent has been pleased to send a successor to Fr Andrew, Deacon Michael Maguire, who will be ordained priest by the Cardinal on 24th June. We can then welcome Fr Maguire when he takes up his post here in September. Please let us keep both Fr Andrew and Deacon Michael in our prayers.      


Could you spare an hour a week, usually within the working day or perhaps on a weekend, to look in on and/or do some light shopping for, a neighbour who is also a parishioner? Some of our own parishioners, approaching being effectively housebound, would love a visit. These would not be Holy Communion visits as this ministry is already operating. You would be visiting only those who lived in your part of the parish, close to where you live. Arranged under the auspices of the parish, a DBS check (free of charge) would therefore be needed and arranged by the parish. If this is a service to Christ and neighbour you might be able to offer, please let me know.


The spirituality of St John of the Cross has always captivated me, which is why I quote him probably rather too much in homilies. It was suggested to me that I organise a pilgrimage to his (gorgeous) part of Spain but also in his spiritual footsteps as an encounter with his insights into faith, life and love. It’s intended as a parish pilgrimage of fifteen to twenty, though non-parishioners could come, and it’s to be from 16th to 21st October ’17. Details are overleaf.  If interested, please ask.

Posted on June 9, 2017 .