I’m sure we should be careful in asking the Lord for wisdom because on the basis of the evidence in today’s reading from the First Book of Kings, He’s very pleased with the request and keen to grant it. In today’s First Reading the young King Solomon asks for wisdom in preference to wealth and power and receives it. But wisdom brings with it the responsibility to act according to it, not wilfully or selfishly. Jesus too implies this consistency in the last of His parables of the Kingdom in today’s Gospel from St Matthew. The person who has found the treasure in the field has to sell everything he owns in order to buy the field, just as the merchant, who finds the pearl of his dreams on offer, must sell everything he owns in order to buy the pearl of great price. Are we ready to be so radical? Are we not unsettled by the prospect? Moderate change can be inconvenient to manage, let alone a great upheaval involving everything. The danger for us is, however, that if we are actually happy with half-measures we will probably only be ready to pay half-measures. Yet God loves us passionately. He has not paid a half-measure for us! Rather He has in Christ ‘sold’ everything He owns, given His life, that we might share His life. Do we realise what we are being offered when we are offered the Kingdom of Heaven, which is to say, life in the Risen Christ? Indeed, the more we realise what we are being offered, the more likely it is that we are going some way to conforming our lives to the invitation we have received; we have begun to live the wisdom we have received. The more we realise in fact how intimately God speaks to us in the everyday reality of our lives, the readier we are to encounter Him there. “We know that by turning everything to their good, God cooperates with all those who love Him, with all those that He has called according to his purpose”, says St Paul in the Second Reading, “to become true images of His Son.”    

Priests in July / August

With Fr Andrew’s return from holiday and Lourdes, he will be priest-in-charge for the next three weeks of August while I am away. He will be assisted by Fr Dermot Mansfield SJ who has been coming to Chiswick in summer for so many years. Our thanks to Fr David Kolo, of the Archdiocese of Gulu in Uganda, who has been assisting over July, who moves on to another Westminster parish for August. Please do wish him well at the back of church today.

No Parish Newsletters in August!

With the convention that there are no newsletters in August, today’s is the last until the new term. The Parish Office is open as normal however. God bless the rest!


Posted on July 30, 2017 .