First Holy Communion

Dear Parents.

First Holy Communion is a uniquely important occasion for your child.  It is also an important occasion for you as parents, as you continue to form your child in the practice of the faith which you undertook to do at your child’s baptism.

The preparation, the passing on of our faith, is the vocation of the family and the parish community together.  The Eucharist, and indeed, the whole of our faith, will only make sense to a child in the context of his or her own encounter with Christ through the practice of the faith by family and community.

We trust therefore that you will help your child to prepare for this momentous encounter with the Risen Jesus in the Eucharist, a true milestone in your child’s own discipleship.  In order to support you, we have arranged four sessions for parents, and expect that you will make a commitment to attend.

Fr Michael Dunne PP and the Catechists of the parish.

Course Content

10 children’s Sessions (9 Sunday sessions and 1 Mass in Slow Motion Saturday session in church), 4 parents’ evenings, Enrollment Mass, Reconciliation Service, Holy Communion Mass rehearsal, First Holy Communion Mass, completing a chapter from the course books at home after each session.

Dates for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation 2018/19

Date 1

Date 2

Date 3

Date 4

To Register

To register your child must be in school Year 3 or above in September 2018 ie born before 31 August 2011. Please complete the online registration form and submit online by 10th September 2018.

Submit the following to the Parish Office by 15th September 2018

  1. Your child's original baptism certificate; this will be checked, a photocopy taken and the original returned to you.
  2. A payment of £20 per child to cover the cost of course materials. If £20 represents a hardship a lesser amount may be submitted.
  3. An optional small passport size photo of your child. This will be displayed in the church at The Holy Communion Masses on a 'Holy Communion Prayer Vine.' The children will not be named on this display. If you do not want your child's photo displayed do not supply a photo.