First Holy Communion

If you would like your child to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, you will need to contact the Parish Office.  

First Communion preparation classes are offered to children in Year Three and above (seven to eight years old) who are resident within the Chiswick and Gunnersbury parish boundaries and who regularly attend Sunday Mass here.   

Children resident within Grove Park parish boundaries are also welcome to attend our course provided that, for the required Sundays throughout the course, the children and families attend Our Lady of Grace and St Edward’s for Mass and catechesis.   

Exceptionally, and with the agreement of the respective parish priest, children who are resident in other neighbouring parishes but who for some particular reason wish to undertake their First Holy Communion preparation in Chiswick, may do so provided their Parish Priest agrees and also, that for the duration of the course the child and family attend Mass at Our Lady of Grace and St Edward’s.   

Registration is NOW CLOSED for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation in 2020

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