Christmas at the Parish of Our Lady of Grace & St Edward, Chiswick

Thursday 1st January
Mass at 12.30pm

Friday 2nd January
Mass at 10.00am (Sat); No 12.30pm Mass

Saturday 3rd January
Mass at 10.00am
Confessions 11.00am - 12noon & 5.00 - 6.00pm

Sunday 4th January
Mass at 6.30pm (Sat); 8.30am; 9.45am; 11.00am; 12.15pm & 6.30pm

Christmas is a joyful time, but also a lonely time for many. We hope you will receive a warm welcome here in Chiswick, west London. Together, we seek to deepen our knowledge and love of God; and also we take to heart Pope Francis’s call for us to be ‘missionary disciples’ by preaching the Gospel through what we say and do - and by being  proactive in seeking out those whose lives are poor, or impoverished, in one way or another. Truly, everyone is welcome at Our Lady of Grace and St Edward.

Canon Anthony Dwyer

Canon Anthony Dwyer



Our Lady of Grace and St Edward says: "Everyone is Welcome this Christmas"
As we approach Christmas, we hope that the parish will come together around our mission that "Everyone is Welcome". While Christmas is a joyful time, it can also be a lonely time for many. Parishioners are encouraged to reach out to other, possibly isolated, parishioners, to those who have become disengaged from the Church or to those who are simply curious about what the Church has to offer. Please extend a warm welcome to friends to join us at a parish event, Carol Service or Mass. They will receive a warm welcome. Mass times, as well as times for Confessions and Carols are listed here.