About Our Parish

Our parish was founded in 1848 and since then the parish community has gathered weekly, and daily, for the celebration of Mass and other sacraments, and to celebrate significant moments in our lives.

Pope Francis reminds us that the Church should not be turned inwards on itself but rather turned outward to other people, especially to those in need. Therefore, each and quarter, we set a mission for the Parish; one that encourages all parishioners and groups to come together and work for a common cause.

People of all ages and nationalities, married and single, with children and without, have found a spiritual home here. Together we not only seek to deepen our knowledge and love of God but we also reach out in care and friendship to one another: within the parish, in the local area and further afield. In doing so, we have taken to heart Pope Francis’s call for us to be ‘missionary disciples’ by preaching the Gospel through what we say and do - and by being proactive in seeking out those whose lives are poor, or impoverished, in one way or another.



2018 Lent Project

The LENT PROJECT – will do great good to people young and old, at home and abroad, Christian and not. One third of the proceeds will go, at the request of Cardinal Vincent as you will hear this weekend, to The Cardinal’s Appeal, which supports parish initiatives and others in our own diocese. Two-thirds of the proceeds will be divided between assisting the orphaned and disabled of Bhola’s Children [see www.bholaschildren.org] in Bangladesh, a charity co-founded by a Chiswick parishioner, and also providing the first solid wood pews for a very poor Catholic parish in Uganda, whose Parish Priest, Fr David Kolo, supplied in Chiswick last July. Thus, the Project Goal for the box at the back is £24,000! This would give £8,000 to The Cardinal’s Appeal as the domestic third with the overseas two-thirds being divided between the £4,000 Fr David needs for the pews, and £12,000 helping Bhola’s children grow and learn.


The Lenten Project total raised, so far, is £27,260

Thank you for your generosity!


 Fr Michael Dunne

Parish Priest: Fr Michael Dunne

Fr Michael Dunne became parish priest at Our Lady of Grace and St Edward and St Dunstan's Gunnersbury in September 2016. He was previously parish priest of Our Lady and St Catherine of Siena, Bow, in east London. 


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