About Our Parish

Our parish was founded in 1848 and since then the parish community has gathered weekly, and daily, for the celebration of Mass and other sacraments, and to celebrate significant moments in our lives.

Pope Francis reminds us that the Church should not be turned inwards on itself but rather turned outward to other people, especially to those in need. Therefore, each and quarter, we set a mission for the Parish; one that encourages all parishioners and groups to come together and work for a common cause.

But our mission continues year round.  We reach out in so many ways, such as:

  • Every month we collect food for a Foodbank in West London.  It’s a sad reflection on society that we need to do this but parishioners continue to be hugely generous and many young families are able to thrive despite difficult circumstances.
  • Each winter, as part of the Hounslow Night Shelter, we provide food and shelter for men one night a week for men who have fallen on hard times.  How wonderful it is to hear about those who have, with a little support, found their feet. 
  • The St Edward’s Club is a social club which hosts activities and regular outings for its senior citizen members.  Each Christmas, we hold a wonderful lunch, supported by many volunteers, for our older parishioners. These activities recognise how important social interaction is to everyone’s health and wellbeing.
  • A highlight of the year is our Summer Fair. The Fair is a significant date for the whole of Chiswick.  Not only is it a fun-filled day but it raises money for local good causes, and is supported by many volunteers. 

And the Church is also active in a particularly unique way: in the hustle and bustle of today’s world, it provides a place of calm and forgiveness.  Going to Mass brings us together as a community and energises us for the week ahead.